With a new roadmap being put in place by the government, workers have a renewed sense of freedom about getting back into an office and being able to see colleagues - who'd have thought it! 

While many are excited to get back into an office environment, there is a lingering thought of money wasted while trying to build the perfect temporary home office. Some are more fortunate than others in regards to available space, but is it time to pack up the desk in the spare room and put the bed back? 

Let us not forget the torture of false optimism after being released from the last lockdown. I'm not quite sure I believe in the concept of optimism anymore, or at least my optimism is overpowered by skepticism. But, for those that are ready to finally separate work from home; the Ikea buyback is a great initiative to free up a bit of space in the house, get some money (or cashback vouchers) back and make the lonely workdays of lockdown a thing of the past. 

My only issue with the scheme would be 'am I willing to buy my home office furniture back for the next lockdown?'. If your answer is yes, good on you. If not, you might want to weigh up the pros and cons before sending your home office back. 

As I was taught at college in business class, Ikea is actually registered as a charity. So, does this scheme of selling second-hand furniture make Ikea the world's largest charity shop? Could we see Ikea helping to revive the local high street charity shops? ... probably not, but it is fun to think of, especially while confined to my lonely home office! Who knows, maybe we can soon start to go crazy in an office rather than at home.