We are proud of our team in their continued efforts in their skills extensions. Three managed passes in the Cii exams, Ollie and Adam for their FIT and Matt in LM1.

The commitment to ensuring we all continually refreshing and updating our skills, not only in the industry within which we operate, IT, but also the one we serve, Insurance, is one we have upheld for over 10 years. With every member of the team, no matter their role, reaching either Cert Cii, or the Accountancy equivalent or bringing over 30 years practicing experience in Insurance.

This brings the total of those having reached this stage to 15, those on their pathway to 5 and those with the requisite 30 years plus being the other 2, a record we are very proud of. It also means the team is additionally rewarded for heir efforts creating a  great environment for learning and the exchange of knowledge.