Last week the LM Forums DA SATS working group sat for the third time, sponsored by Morning Data and Charles Taylor Insurtech.

The aim of this working group is to provide a forum for senior professionals to come together to discuss and debate many of the key issues impacting DA SATS.

This quarter we heard from James Bobbitt, Chief Operating Officer of LIMMOS on what it is LIMMOS is doing for the Market and where he saw the future of DA SATS going. The main topic of discussion in this quarters meeting was; the external threats that the London Market are exposed to and how we deal with this. In addition, how do we listen to out clients and are we providing the service and products that they want?

As a vendor in the London insurance market, Morning Data represent numerous Brokers and MGA’s whom are affected by many of the Lloyd’s and LM TOM initiatives. DA SATS will undoubtedly influence the way that all involved in the chain collect and present their clients data. It is therefore crucial we liaise with all stakeholders early on to ensure that we collect the right data in the most efficient manner as possible.

Stephen Card, Morning Data's Chairman and CEO of Jigsaw Insurance Services, said

“The LM Forums Delegated Practice Group is a great group for the open discussion of the key issues facing the MGA community and in particular, those who are actively engaged with the Lloyd’s and London markets. The mix of practitioners, technology and operational members allows for a really informed discussion across the entire spectrum of delegates authority.”