As an experienced IT leader (some say too experienced), it's interesting to see that although we have an ever-improving infrastructure on which to deliver our services, there are few new concepts.

Back in the 1970's at my high-school's computer club, we were dialling up to the University of London's mainframe and writing sophisticated programmes in BASIC. By the 1980's, now at the same university, we were calling external subroutines that crunched numbers and produced statistical insight to data. Sound familiar?

In the 1990's I was working for a software house that provided a solution for the London Insurance Market. What was obvious then was that it was in everybody's best interest to have a single version of code, appropriately configurable, available either locally or hosted.

Now at Morning Data (, I'm proud to have joined a key supplier of IT solutions to the broking community where, after over 20 years of growth and successful delivery, there is still a single version of the code, appropriately configurable, available either locally or in the Cloud.

Best practice has always been best practice, and always will be.