By April, 9000 organisations with over 250 employees will have to publish their Gender pay gaps. Barclays is the first Bank to do so and revealed today it is 48%,  compared to a national average of 17%, and worse at 78% when looking at bonuses,

Morning Data is not compelled to reveal its Gender pay gap, but is happy to do so. We are proud to reveal our gender pay gap is -0.05%  (yes that is a minus sign). Obviously we will be addressing this underpayment to the Male members of the team at the next pay reviews.

Despite being a Tech Company serving the Insurance market, two overwhelmingly male industries, Morning Data has 60% female management, 48% female employees, 30% Part time. its not because they are women it is because, they are good. Who else will stand up and be counted and reveal their gender pay gap figures?

We are proud to be different.