I've been staying in a lot of different hotels lately, and it certainly focuses the mind on customer service! One brand have dispensed with the traditional manned reception, but rather than going for the impersonal check-in machine they've opted for (mostly) young staff members wandering about with PDAs.

Whilst the quality of the product or service that you are providing is obviously crucial, it' s been the staff at each of my visits that has made the real difference. This article rightly suggests that this is true for any industry, particularly as we all enter an increasingly digital age. 

At Morning Data we invest in our employees by actively encouraging the pursuit of insurance qualifications, so that our staff can better understand and respond to the needs of our clients in the London market as our product is developed.

As the writer concludes: "In the end, technology means a better future for your business, but humans are at the helm of those breakthroughs".