We were delighted to be awarded the Insurance Times Innovation and Technology - Technology Partner of the Year for our implementation of the NOVUS platform with Towergate for their London Market Broker Bishopsgate and multiple MGA installations. The award was presented at the Royal Garden Hotel at the gala evening event on the 14th September.

It did rather bring to mind that the award title, if somewhat a mouthful, appeared to make the "Innovation" all about the "Tech". Indeed, the rest of the field demonstrated new disruptive technologies, new boys on the block and start ups, but why are both terms the domain of the new? In fact it is almost ironic that our flagship product is NOVUS, Latin for "new". (The irony not stopping in the use of a "dead" language).

Innovation can be as much about attitude, constantly developing skills and ever expanding knowledge; it can be about business and management techniques as much as it is about new and attractive products. It is not solely about the "Tech". 

In our award presentation Saxon East alluded to just this - the judges commented that ... "This project required a high degree of flexibility around timing, functionality and deployment that had to overcome a variety of challenges. And the winner did just that. A monumental effort for this true partner of the insurance industry."

Innovation is about thinking in new ways; that can be exactly the strength of an established, experienced and proven solution that is continuously being developed, innovated and enhanced to meet challenges presented each day.

After all Lloyd's is CCCXXXI years old and is one of the loudest voices in the desire to innovate; its TOM is pretty well entirely focused on the tech, but doesn't change the age of Lloyd's.