Attending this year's Verisk Symposium presented a wave of information and ideas into the personal lines as well a the wholsale space, from issues around GDPR to the cultural separations on the view of "connecting up your life".

When one presenter said she was able to tell that her husband had just got up out of bed, back home in the US, because one of the doors had just been opened I wondered if the US is culturally different enough or just "ahead" of the UK in terms of how much pivacy we wish to retain. 

Are millennials happier to let their data be retained if they can see a benefit, or have they just never had their ID cloned yet?

With regulation about to ensure we will not longer be able to willfully move our files by USB key, throwing caution to the wind will be no more, as we give up the ease of accessing files between machines. Perhaps testing your C-Suite team by sending out test emails to see if they click on the link is a practical tool to raise awareness of where this may all lead.

The fines for breaching just one piece of data will be so steep that it is a real concern on whether it is something that could just not be complied with. Until the FCA come out with their guidelines, which currently fly directly in the face of GDPR in some cases we will just watch this space.