An insurance company in Japan is reported to be laying off 34 claims staff to make way for AI based on IBM's "Watson". For those of us who feel our blood pressure rising every time we are asked to "Press 1 for existing policies, Press 2 to get a quote, Press 3 for existing claims, Press 4 to make a new claim....." and so on, the thought of not being able to get through to a human being at the end of that process may be a worrying thought! 

Maybe the biggest challenge as the technology of AI gains more of a foothold in the industry (and in the workplace generally) will be balancing the rewards, such as increased efficiency, faster payouts, and lower fraud rates, against the need to recognise where the 'human touch' would reap more benefits in terms of overall customer, or indeed, employee experience; something that may require a degree of "emotional intelligence" rather than "artificial intelligence".